Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Save Us

This morning after a bit of job applying I got nice and stressed out from one application (if it wasn't ridiculously unprofessional and totally unhelpful in my job search I would really let loose on some of the systems out there), quickly shut it down and turned on the Christmas music.

This may have also involved singing and dancing. Confusing to Leela, exciting for Nim.

And yes, that is a pair of pants on a chair drying.

Let's talk about yesterday instead.

I actually wore an apron which is not normally my thing. However it satisfied my need to wear a dress and worked well with the rubber boots. The rain has been relentless and my yard is nice and soggy. 

First things first, Cranberry Orange Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts:

I have been on a bit of a Brussels break, but this is an incredibly good dish. I can eat an expensive amount of Brussels Sprouts and the tartness of the cranberries actually slows your consumption down. I even did the orange zest part which is one of my least favorite things to do.

I also made this really good Mushroom Millet Soup. I halved the recipe and it was still a ton of soup. Today (day two) the onion flavor is coming in strong which is good to me. I also probably went heavy on the onion.

You will notice the Mushroom Millet Soup is paired with Cheezy Garlic Bread. Instead I opted to make this Cauliflower Pizza crust that I have been wanting to do for quite awhile. I will give you time to stop laughing at my results.

So I consider this attempt #1. I am not ready to fully give up on it, but clearly I ran into some problems and by the way while it is baking as a crust alone - that is not a good smell.

The recipe had the oven degrees in Celsius. While I know the world shouldn't revolve around the US unit standards I didn't notice until after 20 minutes when I thought it was odd that nothing was setting up. I then had a slightly heated, gooey mess but I wasn't about to waste a full head of cauliflower.

In the end it was salvageable but nothing I would serve others. Despite the smell it actually is a good taste and I will definitely play with this one again.

Cashews soaking for another project...have a great day!


  1. I hate that the application process is so frustrating!! I am praying for you and that something will open up quickly for you!
    The cauliflower crust never worked for me either!

    1. Thank you so much Brittany, I really do appreciate it. I know a lot of very qualified people that have been unemployed a lot longer than me. I need to work on being patient too. A couple of days off from searching will be just fine right now. :)

      Oh man. The cauliflower crust is such a great idea in theory, but mine sure wasn't as pretty as it looked on the site I took the recipe from.

  2. I hate some job applications especially when they ask for information that is on your resume. All that cooking is making my mouth water too. Have a great Thanksgiving.


    1. It makes me want to head some big corporation so I can make a policy on how to take applications. I would love to see how efficient it is on the receiving end.

      You have a great Thanksgiving too! I hope Millie gets something special.

  3. Well, you certainly got Nim and Leela's attention!

    1. Trust me, I had it earlier when I was yelling at the computer too. :)

  4. If I was dancing and singing, well most of mine would probably look at me funny, but my Holly girl would probably get excited and jump around too.

    Fingers crossed on your applications. It's been so long since I filled one out I probably wouldn't know what the heck they were even asking. Maybe I should practice for my future next job.

    That brussels sprouts picture sure does look good, except without the walnuts. I just might check that one out! I love that you post these because it just might give the urge to actually cook something :)

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

    1. If you ever get into applying again I will be right there for you as a cheerleader. It is tough stuff. I am lucky I have a couple of friends that have really gone through the unemployment rough stuff to make me feel better. It is a lot of silent rejection and doubting at times if you aren't careful.

      I never thought I would do food posts when I first started, but I do get something out of a lot of the food posts out there. The good news is you know most of what I do isn't going to be particularly complex or expensive.