Sunday, March 24, 2013

Good Boy Nim

I don't blog about Nim's volunteer work out of both respect for the people we serve and to maintain some balance in my own life, but today was a blog-worthy occasion in our search and rescue world.

Nim passed his search and rescue trailing certification test today! The above photo is his proud celebration at the end. He did an amazing job considering his highly stressed handler (me).

The toy was made for him for special by my sister. It is all knitted, with squeakies at each "bulb." I was saving it since Christmas just for this occasion. :)

There is no way I can get through a milestone like this without a nod to Odin, my first SAR dog, who was totally on my mind when Nim and I certified today.

(Odin 2007)

Nim and Odin have different personalities and I am not doing the same primary discipline with Nim that I did with Odin, but without Odin I wouldn't be a SAR K9 handler at all. Odin was right there with Nim and I today. :)

(Odin 2005)

Good Boy Nim!


  1. OMG! I had no idea you guys were working on SAR certification. That is the coolest thing and something to be proud of. Way to go Sam and Nim! Another blog I follow is training one of their dogs for SAR (GSD and just over a year old now) and yet another is a retired SAR dog (golden retriever) who now spends most of his time as a therapy dog. I just started reading "Scent of the Missing" by Susannah Charleson (on my Kindle) about her SAR adventures.

    If I ever get lost in the Northwest I hope you two will come find me ;-)


    1. Hi Cindy! Thank you for your nice comments and yes, we would come looking for you...with Millie. :) I am very proud of Nim. We have come a long way as a time.

      My Sunday AM training is always SAR. :) I am just careful both for myself and the people we look for. Any emergency worker "job" has a way of almost overtaking you, and not always healthy. I have had some years with decent balance and some years that have not been so good.

      I think I actually saw that guy's site from your comments and enjoyed reading his site as well.

      Thanks again, Sam

  2. I have so much gratitude and respect for SAR volunteers, both human and canine! You deserve the human equivalent of a new squeaky toy too!

    1. Thanks Jan! I know, I have been thinking about getting something fun for me as well. :)

  3. I absolutely have chills just reading this! Good boy Nim is an understatement, and way to go Sam! You are both amazing! I couldn't imagine what you go through, the excitement, disappointment, relief, joy, grief, so many emotions. I just finished reading a book not too long ago about a woman and her dog who does SAR. I guess it wasn't a coincidence I was reading it huh?!

    Congratulations, to both of you!!

    1. Thank you so much. I was super proud of him. I have been meaning to read I believe the book you are talking about (I think Cindy mentioned it as well) just not anytime soon. :)