Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sunshine and Sewing

This morning the cats woke me up around 3am because the pellet stove wasn't working and they wanted to know what I was going to do about it.

I kicked it a few times and when nothing happened I tried to go back to bed. The cats were not cooperating, so I gave up, and did an early AM hike so that I would be fortified to deal with the pellet stove today.

Yesterday I got some sewing time and the sun came out! My first order of business was to spend 15 minutes looking for this special screw driver that was right in front of me the entire time. Once I found it I figured it was a good time to take a photo of my henna with it.

Next I changed out the plates. The one on the right is called the straight stitch sewing plate (or something like that) what I like most about it is the tiny hole near the bottom as opposed to the elongated opening on the left plate. The tiny hole can't suck the corners of my triangles in.

Next I went to my new favorite Baby Lock Crescendo screen which tells how many stitches I have put on the machine.

I briefly dealt with this fraying fabric. Misha is right, it needs Fray Check, and a lot of it. I have decided to pull the fabric and use a different central fabric. That was enough to make me decide to start yet another quilt.

I am going to be working on a scrappy version of Snail's Trail. There is a really cool version out there with stars as well, but it must be a purchase pattern and I can't quite figure it all out.



Emile needed to take a nap after roughing up the fabric while I tried to plan color. So he sent Leela in for reinforcements as I started cutting. Yes. I wash all my quilts.

These are the center blocks. There are going to be some issues with the darks and lights not being distant enough, I can already tell. We will see how this works.

Lastly, on Sunday night I was in bed knitting and Nim was asleep against my leg. I finally looked down at him and he was sleeping with his toy in his mouth! (His eye is open in the photo because I totally busted him and was laughing at him).

So apparently the green thing is the current cherished toy. Nim likes to switch them up. It was a rope-giraffe just prior to this, and had been for about a month.

Just waiting for the sun to come out! But more sewing ahead.


  1. It sure was nice of the cats to inform you the stove wasn't working. I love that picture of Nim with his new toy.


    1. :) The cats take it very seriously when the pellet stove stops when we are still getting this cold at night.

      I know, Nim is so cute with it.

  2. So is the stove just out....................or is there another problem?

    1. I got it going later in the day after a lot of cleaning and taking things apart. This is nearing the end of the season and it notoriously "breaks" around the time of year. Just didn't want to waste break on a repair call! :)

  3. Who can sleep when there are cats around? I think about a year ago (when they turned 17 & 18) is when mine actually let me sleep in.

    Awww, Nim loves his toy from his Auntie. He earned it for sure.

    1. He totally earned it. :)

      Nope, cats are on their own time, and you better be as well if food is involved.