Friday, March 22, 2013

Snowy Spring, Sarahenna, Puppy Rescue Mission, and Diamond Collar Awards

Good morning! The snow/rain mix that they talked about turned out to be more real snow out here.

I am glad I got home earlier than planned last night. It is still snowing lightly this morning, but planning to "warm up" during the day.

Yesterday I got my hands done by Sarahenna. Sarah does beautiful work. 

I needed a quarter-end celebration art + something pretty on these darker weather days. Thankfully I wasn't able to meet her until Thursday because on of my unexpected odd jobs this week involved caring for chickens which is sort of dirty work. I got to hold one which is surprisingly fulfilling.

We got a small walk in before the rain just started dumping. Then Nim sat in the car bored and hardly dented energy-wise while I had my henna appointment. Too bad I can't henna him.

There have been some great stories in the news this week to counter the not-so-great ones.

The Puppy Rescue Mission is the natural answer in my opinion to the relationships that form under the stress of war in places where animals are not given much consideration at all - unfortunately including by some of our soldiers?! This organization helps with the connections and support necessary to get the integrated companions out of the war zone.

Oregon Human Society Diamond Collar Award is a program for recognizing heros in the life of animals. Please enjoy the video of Koshka and Staff Sergeant Jesse Knott. While it looks like Koshka's trip to the US was privately and family funded, this is very much a similar story of mutual need and companionship, like the ones on The Puppy Rescue Mission site.

(Anyone else finding that Blogger is fickle this morning? Did they do a template change or something?)

Have a great Friday!


  1. There is no spring around here either. Your henna is so pretty. I like the blue accents. What a great story about the soldier and the cat. Have a great Friday too.


    1. I am looking out my window right now and just watching the snow fall. This has been a forgiving winter, so I shouldn't complain, I am just sick of being cold.

      I LOVED the story of the soldier and his cat. It was a very nice video.

      Your reenactment of Millie in the kennel totally cracked me up. :)

  2. Snow! Yay! Oops, sorry! It was actually a little cool this morning here, I believe in the 50's, but warmed up near 80. You know, I offered to switch with you.

    What beautiful detail in the henna! It almost reminds me of a dragon on your hand. Good thing you didn't see the chickens after!

    I love those two organizations your posted! They are definitely all heroes!

    Hope you had a good Friday too!