Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break Is Too Short

This week is flying! I am not at all ready to face Spring quarter, but it starts Monday so I better get my act together.

I have been sewing up a storm, and have finally found an annoyance with the Baby Lock Crescendo.

So here is the deal: I don't mind a bobbin low light or fact I like having one. What I do mind is the warning repeatedly popping up. And every single time it does, it slows the sewing machine down while you are sewing and dings.

I would say I experienced about 15 of these until the bobbin finally ran out. 

There is no way I am the only person that always runs the bobbin completely out. I don't know what went on in the usability testing of this feature, but I don't approve. :)

Thankfully the bobbins are larger than normal, even if they do load backwards to Pfaff which is so far the main thing I have had to retrain my brain on. Tomorrow is another sewing machine class!

We have mostly be blessed with some really nice weather. Every day Nim is patrolling his yard...

...and every day I am making a dent in salvaging my apple trees. You may not be able to tell, but I have done a ton of clearing.

Have you ever noticed how suddenly spring is just there and literally overnight you are behind in weeding? That is the current yard situation for me.

Tomorrow is Good Friday!


  1. My machine does the beeping thing when the bobbin is almost out too. If you clear it from the screen and continue sewing it beeps again, but you can just leave it there and continue sewing until the bobbin runs out and it doesn't bug you any more. Maybe your machine does something similar?

    I know what you mean about spring surprising you. We seem to go from winter to summer without much spring and I think that is how this year will be. Good luck with the apple trees.


    1. Hum...I will try leaving it alone next time. I think for awhile I ignored it. It went away, it came back, and then I kept hitting close, but since I can't remember entirely you are making me wonder. I shall experiment when I run out the next bobbin.

      Does it slow down your machine as well? That actually annoys me more.

      I know! We have rain today, but it has warmed up (not complaining).

      Waiting to see your flower boxes!

  2. Your sewing machine cries? That would be annoying. :)

    Nim looks so handsome!

    We go right to summer here. Did you want to switch yet?

    1. I figured out how to turn that message off! Hooray for sewing classes. :)

      We totally had a 70 degree day out here. It was heavenly.