Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another Quilt and the $20 Gamble

You know when you see a deal so good you know you should walk away because it has to be a scam? Well recently I was presented with a WAY too good to be true price, but I wanted to be true so badly I went for it.

I was online last week to buy hopefully my last textbook for awhile and managed to find it "new" for $20 (everywhere else listing for about $175).

I took the $20 chance and received what I think is the correct book in the mail today. I am waiting on the syllabus for the class, but it appears I wasn't scammed. (Nim's toy was in his mouth by the way, not sure why he deposited for the camera. He looks thrilled for another quarter doesn't he? Or maybe it is the heavy book I rested on his body.)

The rainy weather has been conductive to quilting and I quilted my last finished top today. Now I am back to piecing projects and in the interest of clutter in my tiny house I can't let tops build up like that again.

Similar to other lap quilt I finished a couple of weeks ago with the same pattern I used a more flannel/fleece backing and no batting. I kind of wish I had put the batting in because this is a much thinner backing, but obviously I am not taking it apart.

I started looking at the pieces of two tops that were in progress...it is going to take me a bit to figure out what I was doing on both of them. I think they both had issues in the first place which is why I stopped working on them.


  1. Fingers crossed the book is correct. That is a huge savings for you. Love this quilt too. Of course I'm partial to purple.


    1. I love the purple too!

      So good news, I have just started homework, but the book looks safe!

  2. That's awesome if you got that book for $20! I would probably be the one getting scammed.

    I love this quilt. I love purple.

    Sure hope you enjoy the rest of your week before you have to start studying again!!

    1. Normally this sort of stuff never works out well for me. But it is looking legit and that makes me very happy.

      I have started homework already, but I think I am ready to dive in and get this done.