Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Real Weekend of Fall

What a weird weekend. I didn't feel well Saturday at all. Poorly enough to consider a nap during the day (which is unheard of for me). I was desperately trying to nap when my neighbor called to let me know that hunters they had allowed on their land were tracking an elk they had hit with an arrow onto mine.

As you can probably imagine, I was pretty upset about this news, made worse by overwhelming exhaustion.

I was attempting to settle in again to nap and ignore the possible killing and dying going on in my yard when I ended up getting a front row seat to a hawk taking out a baby bunny. Readers, this was overwhelming beautiful and upsetting all at the same time. That was it. I cried.

***I promise I will attempt to tell a funny story at the end of this post.***

As the weather as become more fall like, the snuggle is back into rotation. 

The leaves are absolutely covering the yard. Nim basks in the sun spots and I rake. Raking leaves for me is like weeding. I never get tired doing it. It is one of those lightly physical repetitive activities in which you really can't go wrong.

And now, I leave you with a story. I really wish I could do it the justice it deserves. I will outline it the best I can, and let you fill it in with your imagination.

Cast of characters:
Emile - orange cat
Wooden floor drying rack for clothing
My bra drying on lower level of rack

The scene:
Nim and I come into the house and somehow manage to spook Emile who was under the drying rack. He jumped vertical, got his head stuck in my bra strap and what happened next really can't be described.

Basically I didn't know a cat could move that fast and jump so much with a bra billowing behind him. Leela and Nim were actually stunned into statues and even I just stood there. I was positive that should Emile ever stop I was going to be making a trip to the emergency vet.

Once Emile finally shook my bra, he stayed under the bed for a very long time. My bra was located several hours later when I noticed Leela pawing at something under the shelving.

I hope your imagination made you laugh. :)


  1. Sorry for all the carnage around your house this weekend. Your story definitely made me laugh out loud. Poor Emile may never get close to your under garments again.

    We too have had hunters on our property. Believe it or not we live in an area where hunting is allowed. Just rural enough with enough undeveloped space to make it possible. I don't like to hear all the gun shots during the various seasons.

    Have a good week.


    1. Thanks Cindy. I generally consider myself pretty tough to the realities of rural life, but some days...

      We have a similar hunting situation out here because of all the rural areas. I actually deal with hunters a lot at this time of year even on regular hiking trails which always surprises me. My neighbor where the hunt started has about 40 - 80 acres and can definitely give private access. I found myself stuck between wanting them off my land and wanting an animal I value put out of its misery.

      Rifle starts in the next couple of weeks. I have two neighbors that shoot year round anyway unfortunately.

      I am glad you found the story funny. I really needed the comic relief of that one. :) You have a good week too, Sam

  2. What pretty flowers! I'm sorry you didn't feel well. I would be very upset with the elk too. I couldn't watch something like that. If you can't bow hunt and kill right, then they shouldn't do it at all instead of making the animal suffer. :( The hawk with the bunny is something more natural, but even that would make me sad.

    What a great time to be out in the yard with the leaves all around and the changing of the season! I envy you!

    lol @ Emile with your bra!

    1. The hawk and the bunny was absolutely amazing. The hawk had his back to me and a full wing span. I have never seen anything like that so close up. I probably wouldn't have taken it so hard if I wasn't so darn upset already about the elk.

      I know. I am really lucky I get the colors of fall. The rain is a different matter, but right now it is not super cold so it is tolerable.