Thursday, September 5, 2013

Quilt, Cake, Summer Storm

Last night Nim had his nails done and got a full massage after his hard day of hiking. He definitely got some new dings from the Dog Mountain hike. I think there are some great advantages to a short-haired dog, but there are some protection disadvantages.

We woke up around 3am to a serious thunderstorm and according to the morning news a storm to end all storms was coming. So I ate a huge breakfast assuming no hiking today and then guess what...nothing happened. It is 2:30pm right now and still no storm.

Since I was too full to hike and Nim probably needed a break anyway we did yard work. As you can tell he was thrilled. I am sure in his mind time would be better spent sleeping in bed with occasional breaks for eating.

I finally finished quilting another quilt Tuesday night. I have a new most hated error message on the sewing machine. I didn't think it was possible to break a thread so many times while quilting.

Doing some Internet searching this is most likely a free motion technique issue on my part. I think I am going to need to relearn my tension and technique for this new machine.

Tuesday I also made a Vegan Pudding Cake. It was fun to dump boiling water over the top of it before baking.

It is a REALLY rich dessert which coming from me says a lot. I would say it isn't super sweet but I also used dark chocolate powder. I have actually enjoyed it more a day or so afterwards.


  1. I love that first picture of Nim and your cake looks very decadent! Sometimes thread breaks can also be because of the type of thread you are using. If it is all cotton and not "fresh" it can break easier. I usually try to only use polyester threads for free motion and I have fewer problems with breaks. Also are you using a topstitch needle? That is what is recommended for my machine for free motion.


    1. Hi Cindy!

      This is all very good information. Yes, I am a total cotton thread user. Always has been. Never even thought about the thread and I also just use a standard sewing needle. I did read on another board about switching to more of a top stitch needle. This machine does seem to be more particular so I might need to get more with the times. :)

  2. Love all the pics in this post and the way it reflects all the cool stuff you do--hiking! Quilting! Dog-wrangling! Sewing! Gardening! Oh, and blogging!

    Most Americans would replace this with simply: Watching TV!

    1. Well...I am not above some serious TV marathoning. :)

      Thanks Jan. I do love my blog. It is a happy place for me with good memories.

  3. Nim was probably pooped after that hike. I'm surprised he didn't fake not wanting to get out of bed.

    I really laughed at your sewing machine message. It's crying at you now! lol

    Even though I just ate breakfast a bit ago, I could still eat again after looking at your food pictures!

    1. Oh man...nothing like a machine that talks to you!

      Trust me, some of that cake eating was for breakfast. :) Probably the reason I couldn't hike.