Friday, September 27, 2013

School Starts, Summer Ends, Peanut Butter Kandy Kake, and Vegetable Soup

Notice my "catch all" title. It has been awhile since posting.

Last week we had sun...

Today and this coming weekend has been a lot of rain. The sun shade on the car is actually sized for my mom's suburban and I am sad I probably won't need it again for literally months.

Now that the cold weather has started Leela has resumed her favorite spot on Nim's head.

This quarter my homework and quizzes mostly fall on Fridays. This is a bit unusual as most of my previous online classes have had Sunday deadlines. 

Once my homework and quiz was submitted for the week I decided to take the rest of the day to watch World War Z, clean the house, bake, and make soup. 

When I saw this recipe for Peanut Better Kandy Kake I knew I had to try it. The only reason I even know the name "Tasty Kake" is thanks to the Stephanie Plum series.

I have no idea how close this comes to the real thing, but it involves basically a vanilla cake base with peanut butter and chocolate on top. Hard to go wrong. You will note I took the lazy way out and didn't make individual rounds.

I also made this Vegetable Soup and that turned out REALLY well. It is a very easy and inexpensive soup to make.

I basically stayed true to recipe although I don't bother with the vegetable stock and I forgot the celery. I did use the Delicata squash as she did (big advantage when you don't have to peel).

Have a nice Friday evening!


  1. That looks like a delicious way to end the week. Leela looks like she is watching something out the window and Nim looks a little like he is afraid to move. Good luck with your classes this semester.


    1. It really did help me relax to bake and cook today. Leela was watching something and Nim probably knows that if he moves she is just going to bite his head or grab on. :) Thanks! I am literally counting down my quizzes and assignments.

  2. Omgosh that cake looks delicious! And that soup does too. I bet that's a good one for when one is sick.

    Leela and Nim are so cute!

    Please send some of your weather this one.

  3. Oh man.. I want that soup! It looks delicious! I'm finally crawling out of my hole that I've been in for weeks and finally reading and commenting on blogs! I'm going to have to add this soup to my to make list!

    1. The soup is very easy to make. I think you would like it, although you seem to do less purees than I do. Nice to "see" you. :) Thanks for coming by.