Sunday, November 10, 2013

2013 Quilted In Honor Mystery Quilt - Clues #4-8

Good evening! This will be my last post of the night. :) I am lagging on the mystery quilt and there is still instructions to come, but I am tired.

Quilted In Honor Mystery Quilt - Clues #4-8 involved putting piles together that would represent each row (again I found myself missing blocks...I think I didn't quite follow an instruction correct). So actually the pile process was useful because by the time I put the rows together, everything was definitely ready.

Below is Cindy's quilt (not to be confused with the Cindy that wrote the pattern or Millie and Walter's Cindy in New York!). I love her bold colors! She actually is going to try and keep sewing tonight so perhaps we will have another update on hers tomorrow. :)

She did the blue border version and I did the red border version:

As you can see, I am giving up without even finishing the top yet. I love getting to see these versions next to each other.

Have a good night. :) 


  1. They both are looking good. You better put your pieces away someplace safe or your kitties might make off with some blocks. LOL!

    Cindy in NY

  2. P.S. In the big quilting club I belong to there are quite a few Cindy's but believe it or not there is actually another one with the same last name as mine. It causes a lot of confusion.

    1. OK...that would be even a SMALLER world! That would be confusing. At that point you almost just want to go by middle names.

  3. I love your quilt top and your pets. Keep up the good work.
    Cindy Carter