Thursday, December 5, 2013

Events of the Day Leading up to my Final Exam

For this area, we are in a brutal cold snap. The timing couldn't be more terrible. I have had very little outlet for end of quarter madness. It is simply unpleasant to be outside.

I am using space heaters with my pellet stove to keep the house warm. Everything is encased in ice.

I started off the morning defrosting my hummingbird feeders. Yes, that is Emile photobombing. And yes, I know I should bring them in at night. If only someone would do it for me.

I am tried out hand warmers on the base of the feeders today (since it is so cold they will just refreeze outside). I saw it online. I am not sure that they are impressed with this.

My Wrens come every night and collect around the front door. They have a small nest up there and I have been able to count up to 5 of them coming out. I feel so bad for them and want to get them another little house, but hopefully there is enough room for everyone and they are keeping warm.

I have been taking notes for the past few days leading up to today's final. Emile has been eating them. He is so shameless he will sometimes try it when I am right there.

My study breaks are all about Panda Cam. I am surprised anyone gets any work done right now with these guys. Now that the twins are living together and they are mobile it is almost non-stop entertainment (the other twin is in the bushes by the way...causing mischief).

While I studied the cats traded off pellet stove snuggling.

Nim has done his best today to remind me just how terribly bored and under-exercised he is. He likes to lay it on thick that his pad injury is my fault.

He got a bully stick for exam time.

The final exam was three hours long and I am proud to say I am done. I am done with the final, done with the quarter, and done with this accounting certificate!


  1. Congrats on finishing the exam, quarter and certificate! We've had sleet/freezing rain for a few hours now. Not sure what it will be like when I get up in the morning. Those wrens are adorable. They are probably fine all snuggled up together at night. Hope you can get out soon.


    1. Good morning and thank you so much. It is a good feeling. My future isn't any more certain, but one demand on my time is gone. I HATE freezing rain. I would prefer the darn snow. Sam

  2. least you can cross that off your list!

    1. Thanks. I agree. This one in many ways feels more meaningful than my 4-year...

  3. How did your hand warmers pan out? Next outside project, build a bird house. :)

    Woohoo, and Congrats on finishing your school! Well for now, right? Were you planning on continuing? I really don't know how you do it! But you are awesome!

    1. Actually the handwarmers do extend the availability. It was so could it was refreezing when I put it outside without them.

      I REALLY don't want to continue right now. I may need to, but I would like to see if I can get a job for awhile. I am super burned out. And thank you, it is a huge accomplishment for me.