Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First Snow of the Season - Cedar Butte

Our first real snow started about 1am this morning. I am actually surprised it is sticking around, but it is pretty cold and I think will be for the rest of the week.

We ended up going up Cedar Butte which was a lucky trip for Nim because I am pretty much glued to my computer right now. About 1/2 way up the trail he started leaving blood spots. That darn pad! Didn't slow him down in the least, but I am sure we will pay for it later.

If you can see his eyes in the photo above you can tell I am yelling at him to stop biting the snow so I can take a picture!

Despite this being his third snow season he still initially acted like it was something new and suspect. I don't know if I have forgotten this part when Odin was young or if this is just Nim's personality.

He is still happy enough in his hike.

We got to the top, he sampled snow and refused to sit still for a nice photo.

So you get snowy trees instead. Enjoy. :)


  1. Sorry to hear about Nim's paw. Will he wear booties?

    I think dogs forget what fun snow is when they don't see it for a few months each year and act silly with the first snow of each season. I swear all our dogs would get a little crazy with the first snow of every season.

    I love your last photo, so Nim gets a pass for not posing ;-)


    1. He will...he fights it, but he will. He actually had been wearing them and then I thought we were in the clear but apparently not. This one is just taking strangely long to heal.

  2. Absolutely beautiful and refreshing pictures! Poor Nim and his pad. Can you put a bootie on him, or a sock? He sure does love the snow, doesn't he?

    1. He doesn't like snow in his yard when he needs to go potty. :) On the trail, no problem.

      He has been wearing booties all week while we try hard to heal this thing up. But yes, I felt terrible after that hike. He was a three-legged dog the next day.

    2. Aww, poor guy. I had to laugh at his potty habits though. I wonder what mine would do. It's not like they can smell the ground.

    3. I think really it comes down to cold toes early in the morning. He is NOT a morning dog. And my snow always gets the ice crust pretty fast out here or it is just deep.