Sunday, December 15, 2013

Leela's Winter, Tiny Hairdryer, Doberman Specialty at Argus

Last Monday I reluctantly went out and bought myself the cheapest (and apparently tiniest) hairdryer I could find. Sometimes I think we assume store clerks are judging us when they might not be. For example when you buy tampons and junk food. Or a trashy book and junk food. Or maybe just the junk food.

I do think however this clerk was judging my hair when I bought the hair dryer (totally got the look-down although in fairness I was pretty frazzled and probably the entire package wasn't looking too stellar...not just the hair). Little did she know this will probably never be used on my hair.

Anyway, I know nothing about pipes, I never want to know about pipes, and needless to say those were not the frozen ones in the picture below. The frozen ones were actually on the other side of the house. Thankfully I got help from someone that actually does know these things and I didn't even have to call out a plumber.

We ran the hairdryer for 4 hours steady, nothing caught on fire, and the pipes thawed.

Leela is having such a winter! This is probably the first season I am seeing signs of aging in her both in behavior and body. She is back to sleeping on my head at night which she hasn't done since Odin died (trust me, there is nothing cute about it) and in the morning she is pretty much pacing the house until Nim has eaten and is back in bed so she can be with him.

She almost seems out of sorts when I have been gone all day. Specifically if I have been gone all day with her puppy.

What amazes me is that he snuggles with her with no kicking, biting, or body rolling...all items he does in happiness when he wants to snuggle with me.

What got me really watching Leela this morning was how she acted when we got home last night. Yesterday Nim and I were gone all day long at the Doberman Specialty at Argus Ranch. Since we don't compete in Agility we were there for 2 reasons: 1. to support Nim's breeder running other dogs, and 2. to get Nim's photo done with Santa.

Photo gets mailed to me on Monday. :)

Have a good week!


  1. Glad to hear the water is flowing and you didn't burn the place down thawing out the pipes! I love those pictures of Leela and Nim. What a sweet pair.


    1. They are super sweet together. She is such an odd cat and SO needs him.

  2. Awww....

    It's so tough to see animals struggle as they get older, but how sweet that she's such a cuddler and is so bonded with Nim!

    1. Thanks Jan. She isn't even all that old probably 8 or 9, but this seems to be a harder winter on her. She LOVES Nim. He is more important to her than anything.

  3. Aww, little Leela. It gets harder and harder to watch them get older. I'm so glad Nim loves her so much.

    Good to hear your pipes are thawed. I really had to laugh at your remark on how we think cashiers judge us on what we buy. I had that happen about 2 weeks ago and I was embarrassed, yes even after 30 years of buying the stuff!