Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

Here is is New Year's Eve and I only today picked fabric for the 2014 New Year's Day Mystery Quilt. I had such plans to be further ahead on this one. As of now I will be lucky if I get anything cut tonight.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before taking it apart but guess who got the Downton Abbey fat quarter pack for Christmas!

I am really enjoying the collection and quite a bit of it is already going into the mystery quilt.

While I spread my fabric collection all over the house Nim staged a silent, but physically strategic protest over lack of special time for him. Tomorrow he gets a Rally Obedience Fun Run in Kent before I start sewing so at least he will get something and if I am really lucky it will tax his brain enough that he will be content around the house.

My fabric plans are pretty well set. As usual I have some concern over the selection, but my scrappy mystery quilts have always come out OK so I try not to worry too much.

Stay tuned for tomorrow in which I discuss the many 2013 goals I didn't accomplish. :) And of course regular sewing updates.


  1. Those Downton Abbey fabrics look great! What a wonderful present. I'm sure your mystery quilt will turn out great. Like you said they usually do. I never set goals so I don't have to feel disappointed if I don't make them. Kind of feel the same about resolutions.

    Have fun at the Rally event.


    1. It was a great present! I have long given up resolutions...goals sounded more forgiving, but still sometimes annoying when you don't meet them. :)

      Nim is pacing around me squeaking his toys. Tomorrow could be "challenging." Sam

  2. Loving the mystery quilt fabric you picked.

    1. Thanks! So far I like it too. I have been stuck for progress, but hopefully soon.