Tuesday, December 17, 2013

One Shoe and Earth Pet Christmas Bandanna

Nim is sporting the latest Earth Pet Christmas Bandanna.

I suppose it somewhat clashes with his jacket, but consider we did a walk today with only one shoe on fashion is far from our goal. 

I normally try and keep booties on both back feet to keep him walking "even" but there is just so many times I am going to stop and put them both back on.

I have Musher's Secret on order for his pad.


  1. I think Nim looks cute in the bandanna even if it doesn't perfectly match his jacket. Glad to see you were able to get out with Nim's foot protected.


    1. Thanks! :) The bandanna are fun. It is the mom of one of the employees that makes them for all the holidays. She always wants photos.

  2. Should we call Nim the misfit Doberman. ;-) Hope his pad is doing better!!