Thursday, September 27, 2007

Animals that walk into your life

For better or worse; I am the person that ends up getting called sometimes when an animal needs help. Last night I ended up with a newly trapped kitten. I am not a big fan of fostering. It turns out I am not tough enough for it and when it comes time to get them to their new home I fall apart a bit. Or possibly worse than that; the cat never leaves.

This boy is probably about 12 weeks old. He has a broken jaw (in the photo; that injury to the lower jaw is related to the break). He was trapped using a large live trap after calling out for hours in a thick blackberry patch.

Right now he lives in my office/quilting area - segregated from my other two cats. He went to the vet today and will have to get well before he can find his new home. The one easier thing about treating him right now is that he doesn't seem to be feral so he has warmed up to me MUCH faster which makes it easier to treat him.

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