Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Committing to a project

So I finally decided that I better actually commit to an applique project before I entirely forgot what I learned in class. This is a pattern that my mom got me a year or two ago at this quilt shop on Bainbridge. The pattern is by Beach Garden Quilts. Tonight I mostly dealt with the cutting and layout which actually would be more involved than you think when you are unsure of what you are doing. My class didn't really cover when pieces overlap each other or what part you should sew down first - but at least I think I have a plan that is going to work for me. I am pretty excited to start trying to actually sew it.

It is really getting cold out here. And quickly we are approaching my favorite month of October. I tried to get some good fall hiking photos yesterday for my homesick reader - but it was getting too late and they came out too dark. I will try again soon. The quilting doberman actually lives with 2 very bossy cats. Despite his size; they both run the house. With the cold weather, the elder kitty is starting to demand some snuggling.


  1. I love applique! Hand work can be very soothing. Work from the background up...and if pieces overlap just tack down the raw edges of the underlapping piece (is that a word?) and make sure you cut with enough extra on those edges to hide under the piece that will lay over the top.

    I went to the Beach Garden Quilt site...I like the Washington quilt. I have a block for an album quilt that is an apple tree. My little homage to my home state. :)

  2. Thanks for the background up tip. I am glad to know I am pretty much on track. After I cut stuff out and really thought about it that was what seemed to make sense. Good thing I thought about it first because I don't always do that.