Monday, September 10, 2007

Sheep to Shawl

Usually I go to the Puyallup Fair on overcast days - and after seeing how lethargic the animals were today I wish it had been overcast rather than the upper 80s. Anyway, I had a special reason for going on this particular day though. First, the pigmy goats:

Darn heat. Normally they are always running around the pen and causing trouble. I love pigmy goats. I wish I had a couple of them around the house sometimes. At the Evergreen Fair they had 2 day old pigmy goats and they were overwhelmingly cute. I definitely had a lot better animal exposure and experience at the Evergreen Fair. And that is a big reason I usual go to fairs (not for the rides or the food or the crowds). The Evergreen Fair also had draft mules this year and I wish I had a photo of them...I wish I had a few of those with my pigmy goats...

Now for the special reason I was there: SHEEP TO SHAWL

Today's team had two pretty special ladies on it - everyone on that team is great, but these two women are special to me. One lady is the mom of my great friend since junior high. I have very fond memories of her craft room where she had yarns and wools and a spinning wheel. She used to spin at the Marymoor Park Heritage Festival (this fair has since been discontinued - a real loss in my opinion). And the other special lady on the team was a very key person in me learning to knit. Her mom and her owned a yarn store in Issaquah which I went in regularly for knitting group and private assistance. Really wonderful and creative women. I am thinking good thoughts that they do well today. I hope someone sends me a photo of the finished product.

Here is a good article on what a Sheep to Shawl event is if you don't know. I really don't know much about it myself and this is the first time I have gone and watched a team. They were having a good time and the second time I came around they had a little crowd watching them. You can't really talk to them much because they need to stay focused; but they are all smiles and seem to really be enjoying it.

Stinging the beads in preparation (she was the one with the great craft room I used to hang out with my junior high friend in):

I sort of dread trying to explain the following photo since I know zero about looms but I know she was tying off yarns. Sigh. That explanation came out worse than I planned. What can I say - she taught me how to knit. Look at that happy smile!


  1. Thank you so much for posting pictures! I can't wait to see how their team did! I heard through the grapevine that the previous two teams that had already completed their shawls had some hang ups....not that I'm rooting for anyone to fail or anything...

  2. Oh, about the loom...I think she was in the final stages of warping it. But don't quote me on that...I probably only know about a fraction of smidgen more than you about looms anyway! I do know that the weaver wears headphones to help her stay focused and not distracted by all that's going on around them. She's going to need them this time! Beads!

  3. Sheep to Shawl is crazy, as in awesome! I take it they don't clean the newly shorn wool like the Yarn Harlot does for the competition? :) Very cool none the less. I salute you for venturing down to the 'allup.

  4. Paula - I got them up there as soon as I could for you. Those were really some of the best photos. I will look through my other oness as well. Bechtholds - You know, I wondered the same thing but I am guessing maybe they at least get it washed. I know; if I didn't have a specific reason I really don't think I would have gone this year. I think for the animals especially the Evergreen Fair was really far better...