Friday, October 19, 2012

Keeping Cats Happy and Pumpkin Butter

Happy soggy Friday to everyone out here. Some weeks you need a weekend just so the week will end...for me this is one of them.

Originally this post was only going to be for pumpkin butter. Yesterday as I started cooking I was constantly interrupted by the cats fighting. I finally realized the problem might be Emile off his morning blanket routine which is disrupted by my office (and Nim) now in his space.

I set up a blanket in his other favorite place:

Emile under blanket, Leela next to him, all was right in his world, until...

Then they resumed positions.

In the meantime I got my pumpkins and seeds roasted. The seeds have vinegar, pepper, and a bit of salt. The pumpkin butter recipe is: Oh She Glows: All-Natural Pumpkin Butter

The recipe is very straight forward. I did 1/2 cup (single cup servings) of unsweetened applesauce because that is what I had on hand and once I opened it I decided to dump the entire thing in.

The version on the right has maple syrup but no added sugar, the version on the left has the maple syrup and the brown sugar (you can tell by the darker color).

For the public I would make the sugar version. I was trying out cutting the sugar because frankly that is a lot of sugar, but without, the butter doesn't really caramelize or set the same (although to me, not as big of a taste difference as you might think). I could try next time doing the sugar first and limiting or not adding the maple syrup at all.

For me I would probably spice it up more. :) But either way it is a good recipe. Kind of like eating pumpkin pie filling without the crust.


  1. Oh, that sure does look good! Sugar is always better, didn't you know that?

    Hope you have a good weekend, and start off fresh next week!

    1. :) Sugar always does...I just like to cut it down a bit when I can. Sometimes it works sometimes it does.

      You have a good weekend too.

  2. How funny that the cats got upset because the blanket wasn't just right. That pumpkin butter looks delish!


    1. My male cat is shockingly emotional.

      The pumpkin butter is amazing. I do like it.

  3. Both look awesome!! I need to try my hand at making my own! Your cat is pretty!! I want one so bad!

    1. I actually really want you to make the recipe so you can tell me how it compares. :)

      Leela especially (the tabby with calico) is a very pretty cat. Even when she was young and terrible I thought her markings were interesting. Both cats are doing better having me down here which is reminding me why I like having them in the first place.