Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Rally Obedience Trial, Broken Bumper, October!

I can't believe we are already a week solid into October! Because I didn't get into "traditional" fall quarter at school this time around my last week and a half have been more scattered while I tried to figure out other educational and job options.

Some happenings:

September 30th (Saturday) I drove out to Kennewick, WA for our first ever rally obedience trial. This would be our first run towards our Novice A title (you have to qualify in three runs).

I considered not posting this link of our run (which did qualify). It is not the most precise or gorgeous thing, but I was WAY more nervous that I thought I would be and we did the best we could. Enjoy. (And yes, everything is going into leash handling right now - I lost most points on tight lead...we have more runs later in the month).

On the way back home the winds of the Yakima Valley drove the final stake into my already damaged bumper:

I owe a lot to a very nice guy to heard me drive into the gas station with my dragging bumper (like anyone missed it) and helped me get it tied to my toe hook.

I got it fixed on Wednesday. It only took about 2.5 hours which made for a nice walk.

(Mt. Si. in the background)

For the first time in literally years this car went through a car wash:

We are having really nice days that freeze at night. Today I sucked it up and did my first ton of wood pellets. 1/2 in the truck that only marginally runs and had the good sense to make it home before it complete stop running and 1/2 in the other car. Nim took a nap for both of us:

Sadly I think it is finally time to "donate" the truck. I will miss it but in the past few years it has gotten a new clutch and timing belt and I think I have hit my spending limit on it.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am trying to condense down to one living space (as opposed to a separate office) and this is not going as smoothly as I had hoped, but I am planning on more progress this coming week.


  1. Congrats on the qualifying run. Nim looked like he was having fun. I would be too nervous to compete in anything so I give you lots of credit. BTW I keep telling Charlie that he should get his own blog, but he says he would rather just take over mine ;-)


    1. Nim was having a GREAT time. :) I am stunned how nervous I was to be honest. It is a great thing to try out and do with your dog as long as you can keep it positive. On one sign my hand was shaking so bad I think he thought I was crazy.

      Actually, it is not bad having Charlie on there. We both do a lot of sewing/yarn work but sometimes nothing really progressive or interesting enough to blog about so the variety is nice.

      Maybe he will want a blog eventually...

  2. Good luck with your condensing. Not my strong suit, for sure.
    That last picture of Nim is just too adorable...I love it when they're just so tired they sleep in crazy/sweet they've had such a good time they fell asleep on the spot..

    1. I am actually one of those people that throws away so easily that often it is something important. It is just a small area to try and get an office and sewing and living all together and that is stressful.

      He was super cute in that photo. :)

  3. Congrats on your qualifying run!!! Nim is just way too cute!! :) It has been below freezing here at night too. I'm not ready for winter! I'm afraid it is going to be brutal this year. I hope the condensing is going well!!

  4. I’m sure the ones who will receive your truck will be very pleased since it was well taken care of. The problems are still manageable, and it would just need a good technician to restore it. Congratulations for qualifying for the run! It looks like Nim’s having a great time with the ride and the fresh air in Mt. Si. He even poses for a photo! :D

    ~Mickey Doshi