Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sleep Like a Dog

Nim is all blissed out after some hiking and a swimming session with Cindy at Aquadog Spa.

I so rarely get a sleep like this.

I pretty much woke up this morning finally feeling like I have really run myself into the ground this month. I tried to make this a more balanced day.

In-between storms we are getting some fantastic fall weather.

I am trying to break in a new pair of hiking boots after my old pair finally completely fell apart during the Oregon trip. This is an entirely new manufacturer for me because I won't drive to downtown Seattle and they aren't stocking the Raichle any more in Issaquah. So far so good.

My rally instructor loaned me "Compete in Joy" for my first trial. I liked it so much that I ended up buying the book for myself. I think even if you just want to keep things in perspective when working and training your dog (regardless of competition) you will still enjoy it. It is very much a gentle, feel-good book that reminds me why I train and cherish our relationship.

Thanks to Brittany talking about Trader Joe's pumpkin butter (not vegan) I was inspired to try making a vegan pumpkin butter recipe. I desperately need a "baking creation" and if I like it, it might be a good item for an upcoming auction. Stay tuned...


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    1. Morning Cindy! And look at your profile photo update with Millie. So cute.

      I know, he looked so angelic and calm. :)

  2. Wish I could sleep like that too!

    Just catching up and loving all the pictures and the chronicles of a most busy and eventful fall! Hope the job hunt goes well; sometimes one door needs to close for the next one to open. Or something! I suspect the Universe has exciting plans for you.

    And now I'm craving pumpkin muffins, some of which I have in the freezer... will try to exercise some self-restraint.


    1. Thank you so much Jan. I think what has been really amazing during this process is some of the support I have gotten. I really hope there is exciting plans out there for me too! :)

      Well hopefully you get to enjoy the muffin. :) I will admit, the blog world is crazy with the pumpkin stuff right now.

  3. i hate that you are feeling run down!! :( I hope you get to rest soon. I can't wait for that pumpkin butter recipe! I would love to make my own that is vegan and with less sugar!

    1. Thanks Brittany, definitely a hard month.

      You will see the pumpkin butter post. The sugar in the recipe is alarming, but I am guessing the trader joe's version would be even higher.

  4. Get some rest and take it easy. Take a lesson from Nim's napping on the blanket, he looks absolutely content!

    I'm glad you're having some great Fall weather! At least one of us are. My sister told be she had 6 inches of snow the other day, she lives in Alaska. I sooo need to move on the other side of the States :)

    Good luck with the butter. Sounds delish!

    1. The rain is hard, but I can only imagine what you are dealing with. I used to really want to live in Alaska, but realistically I would struggle with the cold.