Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sewing area and Tova

My only working car went into the shop on Friday and so this is a home-bound weekend.

Since I had to cancel everything I had planned, I woke up Saturday deciding that if it ever stopped raining I need to tackle the last piece of combining living spaces...the sewing area.I have been putting this off because I am a little stressed about having sewing clutter in my living space.

This is the most happy the cats have been during all this moving.

I got the sewing area minimally set up and then it finally stopped raining so I went out to rake leaves while Nim lined up his babies:

He then does this running pattern in which he will carry one, drop it somewhere, re-circle, and pick-it back up on the way back through.

I was all set to finish the shirt yesterday. I want it off the machine so I can return to quilts. I got the hem done.

Then I started sewing the cuffs on the sleeves...and that folks is what I will be ripping back this fine Sunday morning.

I wasn't consulting the verykerryberry Tova Sew-A-Long or I would have remembered that since I cut the 3/4 sleeves short I need larger cuffs (my upper arm is definitely bigger than my lower arm).

Maybe it will get done today. Maybe.

Have a gentle Sunday to hopefully start off a really good week. 


  1. Nim is funny with his toys. I hope you get your shirt done today. Millie was only nervous about Rocket for a few seconds and then went right up and was happy to sit there for treats.


    1. Morning Cindy. He really is funny about those toys. He kind of likes to cherish them.

      I hope to sew more later too! Working now.

      By the way, I love Millie's name. Just a sweet name. I know when Nim was younger he would have totally been apprehensive around Rocket.

  2. Glad your cats are getting comfortable with their move now.
    Nim is too funny. Sounds like everyone is enjoying themselves.
    Hope you finished, or are finishing, your shirt today. Love the purple!

    Hope you have a great week!

    1. Well, I pulled back the shirt but I don't know if I will finish it tonight or not. I got distracted and I don't want to deal with cutting new cuffs. :)

      You have a great week too!

  3. Ah yes, the tentative cat test sniff. It's fun when they start to be less afraid and start exploring new spaces!