Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday, I Love You

It is icy cold. But compared to the dark and the rain of the beginning of the week I will take the cold with the clear.

I am so darn happy this week is over. I started getting behind last week and by this week I was suddenly overwhelmed.

Leela of course is never overwhelmed. 

My final straw was a flat tire two days ago and knowing I literally didn't have time to deal with it (hooray for a full-sized spare).

Last night while I watching Nim "play" far too rough with Emile because he is now pretty much a week long without proper exercise I decided the tire was being dealt with this morning and while it was in the shop that would give me at least an hour to walk
 The walk started ugly. I was struggling with traction since we were on very icy pavement and Nim was in rough spirits. Then I got the dreaded phone call that the tire was unfixable which meant buying two new tires. I should be beyond grateful that at least my 2 front still had enough tread that I wasn't facing all 4 new tires.

So we got even a longer walk in and nearing the end I started to see my calm and pleasant dog. And he was all full of contentment once the walk was over.

I have lots of homework, an exam, a three-day headache, and I haven't done squat on my quilt but I am already planning on next week being a better week.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sorry you're getting overwhelmed, and sorry to hear about your tires. A tired dog is a good dog, so hopefully Nim will be good for a bit. Now you can catch your breath over the weekend. Good attitude for next week too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Gosh he is so much better tonight. It makes a huge difference if I can get him out. This weekend is going to be tight, but I am going work hard. I need next week to go better.

  2. Looks like Leela knows how to keep warm. I certainly know what you mean about exercising the pup. Our weather has been mostly dreary all this week and there have been quite a few indoor play sessions with Millie. I hope next week goes better for you than this week did.


    1. Hi Cindy. I did a really bad job giving him any play at all in house because I was just at the computer constantly. I definitely need to fix that for next week. I think I probably would fare better if I took some breaks too. Millie is such a young energetic thing! And she even wants to be in the snow. :)