Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mystery Quilt 2013 - Cutting and Sewing Step One


Despite a rocky start this morning we are off and sewing.

In the early hours of the morning Emile shredded one receipt, one envelope, chewed more of my sewing cardboard, and dragged some of the darkest fabric off to a location I only discovered an hour ago...all presumably because the last two nights have been way off his schedule.

Given my course load and odd jobs winter quarter should be awesome for Emile.

Meanwhile Leela has taken up yoga for 2013. If there is one person in this house that can probably achieve a meditative state, it is Leela.

Cutting for the scrappy quilt version (minus the dark fabric Emile hid):

Left to right:

Dark, neutral, dark warm, warm, light warm, cool.

First stage of sewing using dark, warm, light warm:

It is super cold but clear out so we are taking a break for some yard time. More updates to come...


  1. Poor Emile. He seems to get blamed for everything. How do you know Leela didn't make off with the fabric :-D


    1. I know. :) Emile is so highly emotional and so "huge" with his behavior. The paper eating is firmly his. The stealing, well that is normally more Leela, but one of the hiding places is "his space."