Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sunshine Award

It is ironic to get a Sunshine award in the freezing cold, but I totally loved it. These awards are always a great way to learn about other bloggers.

Millie (with Cindy and Charlie) of Bird Brains & Dog Tales presented me with the Sunshine award. They received it from Sage at The (mis)Adventures of Sage. You will want to check the link out to see Sage in the cat tree. I wonder if I could get a cat tree to support Nim!


Sunshine Award Seven Questions:

  1. Favorite Number? Probably 5 or 13. Not sure why. I just think they are numbers I tend to pick. I do know that I have a general preference for odd numbers in general. Oh, and I hate the number 8.
  2. Favorite non-alcoholic beverage? Green Tea
  3. Facebook or Twitter? Neither, although I do enjoy reading some people's tweets. I don't have much to tweet, or perhaps I do but do others need to read them? I really should have set up a twitter account for Rusty. He would have had stuff to tweet about.
  4. Your Passion? Dogs for sure (really most animals). I love hiking and the outdoors.
  5. Favorite Pattern? For my quilting work I have a huge attraction to triangle and points. When I fabric shop I think I tend towards smaller patterns on the fabric, but that comes with quilting as well. 
  6. Favorite Day of the Week? Right now it would have to be Monday. This very much changes depending on my life, but I love the fresh start of a Monday. 
  7. Favorite Flower? Dahlias. I always love a more wildflower/small stand look to my flower bouquets. 
I would love to see some people pick as many as they want and comment to me with their answers!

Our week is going.

Emile requires a lot of electric blanket time. Nim just kicked him off a few moments ago. After this post I need to intervene.

We are simply freezing out here. I don't know what it is with Emile, but he doesn't keep warm well. Kind of odd for a cat. Perhaps he needs his own electric blanket and pellet stove. I also find him against the space heater which I don't like.

In Nim's world the limp persists. Today we went to the vet for some Rimadyl and he has been swimming more frequently. I almost asked for a tranquilizer while I was at the vet too. One for Nim and one for me.

Still no sewing this week. Darn! Maybe this weekend...


  1. I loved your answers to the questions. Sorry to hear Nim is still not feeling well, but you are too funny about the tranquilizers! LOL!


    1. Oh man...we are going crazy out here! :)

      Thanks for the award!

  2. Sorry Nim isn't well! :( It has been crazy cold here too. Colder than usual for this area. I'm such a baby. I agree with you on the green tea!! My favorite day of the week is Saturday!

    1. I should be grateful we have power this time around. Last year we had more of an "ice storm" and that is when we lost power. But I am grouchy it is so cold! I am just as big of a wimp.

  3. Congrats on the Sunshine Award! I don't really have a favorite number or beverage, but usually drink iced tea. Dogs and animals in general, like your answer, would also be mine. Sunday.

    I'm sorry Nim is still limping. I sure hope the Rimadyl helps him. I swear a vet would make a killing if they would open up an office with a general physician. I always tell my vet they should have a doctor (people) on hand too. One time my husband actually passed out at the vet!

    1. I love iced tea too.

      You have a very good point. I would love to take care of my needs and my dog's in one appointment!