Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mystery Quilt 2013 - More Cutting, Sewing, and Corners

The next set of cutting instructions very quickly needed post-its to keep all the measurements straight

Tiny paper and tiny fabric...you can imagine all the excitement that caused. So far one 3x3 square of fabric is unaccounted for. I suspect Leela this time, only because she was constantly getting into the piles.

Lots of different strip sets were sewn at this point. Despite "basic" sewing, it was this instruction page that about did me in. The only thing that kept me trying to re-read instructions and maintaining careful organization was knowing I couldn't go to bed until all those little pieces of fabric and paper were taken up.

Finally corners of the quilt are constructed which was very satisfying.

And sadly this is where I will stop. I really don't want to, but tomorrow starts Winter quarter of classes.

All of us need to be back on schedule.

I do plan to keep working tomorrow. This is the sort of project that is hard to store which means it is really all over the place. I am afraid if I don't at least get the top completed in the next couple of days I won't finish the quilt at all.

And I want to see how it turns out...


  1. ...and you want to keep the cats from making off with any more pieces before it gets done! LOL!!!


    1. You have no idea. It has been chaos in the house the past couple of days. Especially since this is scrappy so I am not doing any long strips.

  2. I know you'll finish it...eventually...right? :)

    1. Yes! I finally started ironing a bit tonight. I can't quite give time to sew yet. But I just wanted to make sure I haven't forgotten any of the parts!