Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Acupuncture and New Quilt Shop

Today was Nim's second acupuncture appointment.

He sees Dr. Amy Ward. Her doberman Aquila is a cousin of Nim. She showers Nim with all sorts of attention but still doesn't let him get away with squat. :)

For his age it is amazing how well he does with this (zero pins dropped today). It is also amazing to me how much obedience helps considering I had to pretty much pin Rusty between my knees.

Basically it is a 30 minute extended "Stand-Stay" and I am pumping treats. It is good for both of us. Today's treats are Nature's Balance, cheese, and Milo's Kitchen Beef Jerky.

In other news a new quilt shop is coming to Issaquah! I don't know what it is about the City of Issaquah's rent, but yarn and fabric stores just don't tend to stay which is very frustrating.

Anyway, grand opening this Friday, February 8th: Gossypium Quilt (Facebook page), she does have a site in progress, but I am not going to link to it right now because it isn't "live."


  1. I'm surprised that Nim has to stand for the treatment. That is a long time to stay still too. I hope your new quilt shop is successful.


    1. Every dog is a bit different. Nim's personality is one that does better in a stand. And he does shift direction around on the mat. For him he is so young it is a game. Rusty was supported between my legs but he was a dog that couldn't/wouldn't hold any position. Some dogs lay the entire time and I could see Nim doing that when he gets older. For Nim, it is just an extended obedience game. :)

      I am really hoping the new quilt shop makes it too. I have been really sick, but if I can make opening day I am totally going to do it!


  2. Wow... Nim did great for having pins in him. I love getting acupuncture, but it is hard for me to lay still... I can't imagine trying to keep a dog still.

    1. Acupuncture totally relaxes me so I lay really still, unless I am having an off day. :)

      Lots of treats are involved. It is a very active appointment for me.

  3. Does the acupuncture seem to be helping Nim? He is a very good boy. I was wondering how Lucas would do with that, but he prefers to stand too.

    Good luck getting some good deals at the new store!

    1. Nim is a harder read. When I started acupuncture on Rusty, he was so physically lame that the improvement was very noticeable. I will say he is very relaxed afterwards and I believe enough in a good acupuncturist (there is some not great ones out there) that I am willing to commit to the treatment to get his body in shape.

      I totally bailed on the new store! Darn cold. I will get there as soon as I can though.