Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Deer Don't Run When Your Dog is in a Stroller

Yesterday we had a bit of a weather break and so I decided to try walking Nim again.

Thanks to Nim's injury, I have decided that Nim's trick of the month already complete:stroller - thanks mom.

We also have been walking in places we don't normally (hooray for another goal accomplished), like this paved trail in the Snoqualmie Ridge area that I never even knew was there because I am normally on the narrow dirt trails.

So turns out when your dog is in a stroller, the deer don't run. You will have to take my word for it, but they were very close to us.

And just slowly walked away.

Meanwhile one of the strangest comments I got was from two women walking towards me. One woman has she got closer said "you scared me!" I actually didn't have a comeback for that one because I was so confused by it. :) Did I scare her because I am pushing a huge stroller with a giant dog head sticking out?


The other more groan-worthy comment came from a lady that was trying to catch her rushing golden retrievers and was very nice, however her comment was: "I thought you were going the other way with your baby." Sigh.

I need a sign that says "he is not my baby, he is just injured." :)


  1. That's a big 70 lb. baby! I'm guessing that Nim didn't bark at the deer or they might have been more of a hurry to leave.


    1. Nope, he is actually pretty quiet when it comes to the larger animals, not that I would totally trust him not to chase one...birds are a different story. :)

  2. That would be a funny looking baby! lol Poor Nim. Those deer are very pretty!

    1. They were just gorgeous! And they had about the prettiest area of woods out there.

  3. lol I really have to laugh every time I see Nim in that stroller.
    I'm sure you scared the one lady because she probably wasn't expecting Nim, which makes me laugh even more.