Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday, Superbowl Mystery Quilt, and Leaving January

Today is such a Monday! And not in the good re-start sort of way. I did some housecleaning to get my brain on track.

Since we have more than started February I will give a quick recap on my monthly goals before getting into my latest mystery quilt.

My two monthly goals are (nothing to report yet on the year goals):

Teach Nim one trick per month:For January we had a solid start on getting Nim to jump over my right leg and then he was injured. I won't be revisiting that goal for awhile, but I was just bringing the leg maybe a couple of inches off the ground when we stopped. The more interesting complication was his reluctance to jump close to my body. If you think about it the distance from my hip to my knee is not very wide.

Hike/walk somewhere that is not my usual places: Not at all! I blame the crappy weather, stress, and Nim's injury. :)

Some people might bemoan one month into the year and already two "fails." That is why I call them goals and not resolutions.

On to the Superbowl Mystery Quilt!

Leela could hardly contain herself waiting for all my pieces to be cut and carefully laid out.

I almost didn't want to put any photos up. It is so dark and dreary right now it is hard to get any photo that remotely captures the color.

This is a close-up of the focal fabric:

I am very curious to see how it sews because cutting it was tough. You just looked at it wrong and it stretched.

I didn't get far last night and immediately ran into some problems.

Mostly this is because I was dealing with stash, so some stuff I was able to cut for quick piecing because I still actually had selvages left to work with and some I was cutting individual pieces from all the scraps I could find.

After the above situation I handled my next sewing instruction differently.

You can see I have a mix of strips for fast sewing and pre-cut units. So I did the strips first, then cut them up, and then sewing them to the pink units.

Possibly more sewing later today. Although my fabric looks really dull in the photos they seem to mix well so I have hope!


  1. Can't wait to see how this mystery turns out. So did Leela help with putting your strips together?


  2. Lovin' the purple. My favorite color. Leela looks like she can hardly contain herself, lol!