Saturday, February 2, 2013

Take Two: Doberman in Stroller...Success!

Hello on a cold Saturday!

This morning the elk herd was out in force and they made me late. How often can you say that elk made you late?

Finally they moved and I could load up Nim and a different dog stroller into the car.

I am borrowing this dog stroller from Sandy of K9 Aquatics, Inc. It is just a bit more Nim's size than the modified kid stroller I showed in the last post, so I was more willing to test it in public along roads.

With the support of my human friends and Nim's dog friends (who totally were checking their pal out in the stroller) we started walking Renton to set up some trails for tomorrow's dog training. This area is known as Fairwood specifically. If you aren't from the area, that might not mean much, but lets just say dogs in strollers are not a common part of the community in Fairwood.

Nim did a fair amount of yelling, particularly along the Fairwood golf course loud enough for several golfers to take note. I closed the top for awhile so he would stop talking.

Truthfully, this cheered me up. This has been a rotten week and having a down dog hasn't helped. I will say my hats off to those that regularly push double strollers. Wow. It takes a lot for me to feel like I am working my legs, but pushing 70lbs of doberman uphill will do it.

Near the end of the walk we finally passed a pedestrian that showered Nim with the baby talk and validation he so desperately needed. I think we kind of made her day as well.

The stroller is made by SolveIt and is rated up to 110 pounds (large). There is also a conversion kit to turn it into a bike trailer. If your dog is used to a soft crate I think they will adapt fairly well.

Some of the more funny things that happened along our walk related to weight distribution. If he suddenly threw his weight back we did a wheelie and if he leaned hard on either side he would end up leaning on the side tire which behaves much like an unwanted brake...especially if being pushed up hill.

Most importantly, he was absolutely exhausted when we were done, without any wear on his healing body.

Have a great weekend! I may be starting another mystery quilt tomorrow if I can get my act together.


  1. Boy did you just make my day by posting those pictures! The golfers and the pedestrian talking baby! I hope Nim is on the mend. And that is also great that it wore him out too!!

    Have a wonderful weekend too!!

    1. Well thanks! In the end it made my day too. A little bit of a stressful start, but overall a success.

  2. That is so cute! I love Nim sticking his head out of the top and imagining him yelling at people. I'm glad you both were able to get out and get some exercise even if it was just Nim's lungs! LOL! So glad it knocked him out too.


    1. Oh man. His mouth...and once he calmed down more he started noticing the birds which is really what gets him talking.

  3. Another big AWWWW from me. Nim is just so adorable. Kudos to you for your "pushing him around"...
    Those elk are pretty majestic looking!

    1. Thanks, I was maybe a tiny bit embarrassed, but it was still good for both of us.

      They are so beautiful out here. Right now they are blowing out a lot of the winter fluff, but their coats are still full and I love that dark deep brown on some of them.

  4. LOVE the pictures and so glad Nim enjoyed the ride!

    And watch out, all the Functional Fitness people are going to be asking to borrow Nim and his stroller for leg workouts, sounds like great exercise.

    1. I know! I am in pretty darn good shape and he really upped the experience. ;) I see a dog stroller marathon in our

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