Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stress Shopping

Yesterday on the way home from work I decided that I needed some flowers to plant. Badly.

Normally when I get all my flowers I take my time. I go slow. I consider the baskets and pots I have and mentally arrange in the store.

Not this time. This time I spent more money in one shop than I ever have on plants. I was just grabbing. I even had duplicates I wasn't planning. It was hot out and I was tired and I just needed to get home to the dogs.

Holly likes to entertain herself by flopping on her back. You know how senior dogs can't quite get into position easily so they just throw themselves? This is why all the fleas in the yard are on her.

So Holly did her thing and Nim "helped" me. This plant actually had a lot more blossoms on it.

Except someone took them all off.

Nim has been waiting weeks for me to start gardening.

I got baskets going and made the best of a very unplanned situation.

One of my hardest decisions was the pot below. Basically the question was, which flowers would I be the least annoyed when the deer and elk either throw them or eat them? There is something about this pot in particular that they just go to town. It was a good pot for my duplicates or less expensive options.

I brought out my Devil's Tongue to get some sun and attempt to repair itself. I have had this plant over 15 years, and who is going to be the one to kill it? Emile. Yes, that would be chew marks.

Holly still rolling and kicking.

Rolling and kicking.

This is a pot on the corner of the house.

Even moving this garden box Nim STILL thinks it is his. This could be a long summer. Those are pea starts that I want to climb the fencing. But someone has to leave them in the ground long enough to establish.

The sun is shining and it is going to be another warm day!


  1. First I would love to see video of Miss Holly. Walter loves to do that too. I think your baskets turned out great with your purchases I can't believe Nim would eat those flowers or does he just pluck them off? He is such a silly boy.


    1. That is a good idea. I will see what I can do. She will also unexpectedly pick up sticks and throw them, but won't engage with me yet on them. He plucks them off! I turned my back for two moments and he was pulling blossoms!

  2. Beautiful flowers!!! So, the "elk pot", maybe there is something that you can plant that they love to eat and is cheap and would just be their planter? :)
    Holly looks so happy!

    1. I know. Well when I move my tomato box out there they may have their wish! I could also use flowers that they are proven not to like, but I just went with what I visually liked. I wish I could say it was a more educated decision than that, but it is not. She is much happier. Not loving the heat, but generally a very happy dog.

  3. I love how your kids help you garden lol! And Holly is just a carefree girl.

    1. She is quite settled in. She likes the yard routine.