Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Happenings

So Friday I came home to a package! Bless the delivery people, it is so hard for them to figure out where I actually live (there are several outbuildings) and I think none of them want to go near the barking one, so I didn't see the package until a couple of hours after I got home.

Cindy sent us gifts! Nim got a new fluffy for his birthday.

Once I was done annoying him with photo taking he got right down to squeaking.

The kitties got little party favors too! Photos coming after Holly goes home on Sunday. I know they play with them at night when it is too dark for a photo and Holly is in her kennel.

What I am really excited about was this feeder she sent my way.

Complete with meal worms.

So far no one is coming out to eat them! I need to investigate this. My current theory is that they are too close to the hummingbird feeders and well those guys are scrappers.

It was definitely a box that made my weekend!

In other weekend happenings, we all knew this was coming:

I am suspecting he might be getting in there while I go to work.

Nim and Holly have started to lay in "close" proximity which is super cute. First they would only do it in the yard, but now I catch them in the house. Nim is totally happy with her except when she goes crazy and charges him.


  1. Aww, what a great gift for Nim, and for the kitties and you as well! That's pretty neat. Although I do have to say I thought it was those hard Chinese noodles thingies in the bad before I read what they were, eek. Hope you get some visitors soon!

    I LOVE how Nim is in the bed now! You realize you're going to have to make one now right? That's great that they're so comfortable together now. The month went by fast, didn't realize she's leaving you already this weekend.

    Have a great one!!

    1. Ha! They do look like those hard noodles! I totally know what you mean. I am not making Nim a bed. :) My house doesn't have the room for it. But yes, he does love using it. Yes, she goes home Sunday. I suspect it was a long month for the kitties. Sam

  2. I knew Nim could fit in the bed. I hope you get some takers for the worms soon. I bet those hummers are spooking them a little. Can't wait to see the cats with their toys too.


    1. :) And now he is in it all the time. I agree, I think I need to move the feeder around a bit. I might try closer to my seeds because that is a different population of birds. I will get kitty photos soon! And thank you! Sam