Monday, July 20, 2015

2015 Old Dog Haven Walk For Old Dogs

Hello! The Seattle area is having such a challenging summer. I feel like I have been off any normal routine for over a year anyway with all my job changes and CPA studying, then this summer heat hit and really foiled my plans to get back on track. We are HOT. I hate complaining about the summer because I struggle so much in the winter, but this is a challenging one. The rest of this week should stay in the 70s and that will be wonderful.

Sunday was the Old Dog Haven Walk For Old Dogs. This is my most favorite event and I almost missed it. :( It was about 96 degrees in Seattle, Nim's morning training went late, and the walk was in a new location in Shoreline.

Still, I made it around 2pm. I just love this event so much. Truthfully, I was pretty worried about Nim. As you can see there is really no shade and the air had that oven feeling. Poor Nim. So hot. He could hardly socialize at all. :) People that do recognize us from year to year noticed right away he was not attached to a toy or a long line. Nim. Growing up.

Nim gave a big paw of approval on the free ice cream however.

I was so bummed. Normally I can photograph lots of dogs and watch their antics and just relax. Sadly it was just too hot. I swear I don't know which is worse for the dogs right now: the dead grass or the asphalt.We said our hellos, got our bags, and hit the freeway. Sometimes I just want to drive and drive to have the A/C - or to escape. Both are optimal.

Next year! I need to be there for the entire thing again. And I have to hope it won't be this hot.


  1. I'm so glad you made it at all!

  2. I was just saying that I want to be reminded of how much I hate the really hot part of summer when I'm wishing for summer when it's at or below zero around here next winter. 96 degrees is miserable to be out in.

    1. I know! I am totally with you. I moan and complain during the winter, and I didn't have anything as bad as you this year.

  3. Boy is that a hot day for a dog walk! Looks like fun though!