Thursday, July 2, 2015

Early Tokul Walk

Today is another day in the 90s. I am positive I am not the only one that saw the altered forecast for the weekend and swore. We are just not getting a break right now.

A friend and I decided to meet at 6am and walk the dogs. I am grateful she got me out the door. The heat and nights of not sleeping tend to make you lethargic. Honestly, we could have met at 4am and it still would have been hot and we still would have been swarmed by bugs. :)

Still, it was a great walk.The pups were happy and Nim got to show off his new harness skills to his hiking friend Jack. I am sure Jack is relieved to no longer hear the yeti noises with the long line biting. Nim also demonstrated just how much louder he can yell at the birds now. It was short lived. :)


  1. Can't believe it's that hot there. They look pretty pooped in the last photo.

    1. Yeah. This has been a bit unsettling. Normally we might get hit like this in August on an off year, and you know an end is in sight because September is coming. This year, we started hot in June. This is a bit much.

  2. That sure is an early hike. We have been getting your normal weather and wet. Hope the heat breaks soon.