Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July

The North Bend area loves guns and explosions. We shoot when the Seahawks win, we shoot when they lose. On New Years Eve we mark every hour because you know, somewhere, in another time zone, it is a new year. I was hoping the fire risk would quiet the 4th this year. Nope. 

I am really lucky actually all of my dogs have been fairly tolerant. It is still going to be a long day. It isn't like Nim passively ignores. The only thing that would make it harder is 90+ degree weather...wait a minute. Ha!

So last night, after looking at the next week's forecast I went on a late night shopping spree for more fans and just about anything that can be frozen that the pets might actually use. This was followed by an unceremonious reschedule of the CPA exam into August. August will be better right? Sigh.

(The owl are not fazed by the heat)

Apparently (I interrupt this typing for a bang so loud that the house shook)....anyway...apparently the local owl population have a listserv and my address was featured as a hunting stop. I have never had a night quite like last night.

At 2:30am I was outside trying to get Nim to pee. I am fairly certain it was still in the 80s. The owl were so out of control that he stopped mid-stream and bolted for the house. Sigh. My tough dobie. I counted no less than 4 distinct different screeches going off at once. It was unbelievably loud and unsettling. Plus hunting noises. :( I think my bunny population took a hit last night.

(Quit taking my photo)

And by the way, these photos are from this morning. Two separate owl that I could actually locate. The bird population was freaking out. I have never seen robin hit owl like that. The robins were all on side branches taking turns running at her.

We were ALL up last night. At least in the house the 3 fans I have going drown out a lot of the hunting. I can tell we are moderately adapting to the heat because 80 in the house is no longer an issue.

This morning Nim and I went to the Danville Open Space area in Ravensdale. Because I was so tired and he was too hungry we got a late start. We should have been out there before 6am which was my original plan. It is hard hiking at all right now - I really try to stay pretty flat and not push it.

Have a safe 4th!


  1. That's a lot of shooting. I've been hearing fireworks since last weekend here. People post on a local group about the fireworks and how long they last. I get the vibe that no one cares about their neighbor out here when it comes to this. They talk like a-holes and I'm pretty glad I'm not really acquainted with them.

    That owl is pretty cool looking. Hope things settle down for you some. I'd send you some of our weather but it's about the same.

  2. All that owl action sounds cool to me but poor Nim. I bet Walter would have the same reaction so I hope Nim doesn't feel too bad. LOL! I'm thankful that we have AC. Today and tomorrow are high 80's to low 90's and storms. If I moved to PNW I would have AC installed.