Sunday, December 27, 2009

Disappearing Hawaii Nine Patch

I received my first charm pack a few years ago before I had ever heard the term or even knew what one was.

I finally got inspired to try and make a quilt with these Hawaiian prints and after a lot of searching settled on what seems to be called a "Disappearing Nine Patch" design. I used two Web sites a lot to help me with planning:

Snippets of a Quilter
Quilts and ATCs

First to create several nine patch blocks. I tried to make the bolder/darker colors form an "x" as recommended in one blog.

Cutting them apart:

Resulting new blocks for arrangement:

Once all the blocks were cut apart I had to start thinking about different layouts and designs.

I would lay something out and walk away for a couple of days.

Ultimately this layout would prove to be the cleanest for me visually:

Sewing it all together:

This was a perfect quilt for a striking red backing. I agonized over the borders and quilting. Any borders I tried really ruined it and once I got comfortable with the idea of free-motion quilting over the entire quilt I had a fun time with it.

The finished product:

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  1. It's nice a warm! :) I love it. Thank you sooooo much. And knowing how much thought and work you put into it makes it even better and warmer. :)