Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Hummin' Blossoms" Block 11

"Hummin' Blossoms" is the final main block of the At Home in the Woods series. There is going to be more to do in the borders and across multiple blocks but first I have to get these main blocks all together.

In this particular block, there is an entire second plant missing that will be on the right side and onto a neighboring block with deer.

I still also have some ladybugs to add on the leaves of the plants. The hummingbirds were actually a lot of fun to put together...more fun than the plants.

I couldn't wait to put all the blocks together on the floor just to get an initial sense of the layout. These main blocks are as done as they can be until they are all sewn together and I can start laying out some overlapping items. Also, I do have some final berries and a bear snout still to add - but at least now I can approach the partial block. :)

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