Monday, December 28, 2009


I made these dishcloths using Red Heart Eco-Cotton yarn. It is more of a DK weight so for each cloth I would combine colors from two different skeins for more weight and color.

I liked the yarn quite a bit actually. It is mostly a recycled cotton with some acrylic in it. It is easy to work with and surprisingly decent colors.

There are so many dishcloth patterns out there online. The dishcloth below was made to specification but too large for my taste personally. I liked the texture of the design however so if I did it again, I would just make it smaller in width and length.

Lace Zig Zag Dishcloth Pattern:

This other one I really liked. Easy and satisfying to make and I preferred the size. I think you lose a bit of the border patterning with doubled yarn like I did.

Tried and True Dishcloth by Phyllis:

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