Saturday, December 12, 2009

Freezing Break

We got above freezing today - just a few degrees but it was a huge relief.

You can see the Rhododendron out the window next to Emile. The Rhododendron leaves finally uncurled this afternoon. I am nervous about my little didn't open as much yet, but it is much smaller and less established.

The cats assumed their perches as the bird activity was pretty high today - clearly the wildlife is equally grateful for a bit warmer temperature. Princess Ottoman (Leela) loves my perfect although unintentional placement - easy watching and launching.

So far I only find Emile under the ottoman not on it. Now Emile isn't the brightest cat; but after watching several living room negotiations during this week of changes it appears he is under it mostly because he is not allowed on it.

There is one frog ornament I am about done rehanging they love it so much.

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