Thursday, December 10, 2009

December Freeze

These pretty and colorful flowers of the "Hummin' Blossoms" At Home in the Woods Block of the Month is about the only color and warmth right now in my area. This block has a lot more detail to it and I haven't finished it yet as I am trying to finish a set of socks for Christmas so I am only working on it when I need a knitting break.

We are in the middle of a pretty painful deep freeze. I suppose I should feel bad complaining about it after being in misery with the non-stop rain of November...

In my opinion, a deep freeze is a little similar in inconvenience as a very hot summer stint. Things stop working; people slow down in functioning - myself included.

The plants are trying to stay tough (I have a couple that I am really worried about), but you can see from this rock of ferns that everyone is hurting:

Earlier in the week I could tell the creek had a lot of freeze just by how it sounded. Today was the first day I sucked it up to go take photos.

Christmas came early for the cats in the form of their first Christmas tree ever and living room furniture. I would chase them off the furniture only I am already fighting with them about the tree.

I just noticed now that the navy blue against the maroon/eggplant curtains is a bit unfortunate. I don't think it looks quite as bad in real life as it does in this photo...

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