Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fuller Mountain

I believe North Bend had about 3 hours of "sun" (or not rain) today so quickly I headed out the North Fork to hike Fuller Mountain.

Once we made it to the top it did start to hail a bit but the heavy rain didn't come back in until we were almost back out. So unfortunately I decided not to explore any lakes afterwards...we just ran for the car.
You may recognize the Visiting Shepherd from previous posts.

Unfortunately for me, Rusty has not taken to her well (he was a complete jerk); despite a previous introduction outside of the home. So I will be doing some crate rotation and separation for the duration of her visit. As long as one of them is crated, their observation and interaction to each other is absolutely fine, no fence-fighting, growling, snarling...nothing.

I did get lots of insight from my vet and a dog trainer (I was REALLY upset with Rusty's assertive behavior - many calls were made) and this has motivated me to really start hitting Rusty's training harder (all my focus has been on helping him live in a house and not pee on my floor) and get some outside help.

In the meantime, they don't hate each other, they can be in the same room together in harmony as long as one is contained, and for about 12 full days I have a loving hiking partner. :)

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