Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have to admit, it is with some embarrassment that I post these photos except that some of them look OK (the above is Rainier). I actually did this hike last week, Thursday, March 18th. We had been experiencing quite a bit of rain (snow for the mountains) and when I woke up Thursday to some sunshine I was decided to get out.
I also woke up not feeling so well. I signed it off as stress that I thought a good hike and sweat would mellow me out. Unfortunately it turned out I was actually starting the stomach flu (talk about a bad read on one's own body) and so such a strenuous hike was a very poor decision. I didn't actually start getting sick until after I got off the mountain and back home (thankfully) - I am still trying to recover from the flu.
As you can see the day was absolutely gorgeous.
Kamikaze Falls on the way up:

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  1. What a great view. I need to hike that one.