Friday, March 12, 2010

Road-trip blanket

I finally finished one of the road trip projects. The pattern is "Basketweave Blanket" from Knit Baby Blankets! edited by Gwen Steege. The pattern was an easy one to memorize which helped in the car. Because of the nature of the basketweave, when I made a mistake it was usually in the stitch count and very noticeable so it did have to be pulled back.

The yarn was Bernat Cottontots and the photo makes the color look pretty awful, but it is actually a pretty and subtle purple. The pattern suggested another cotton yarn that I have used before and not much cared for. I liked knitting this yarn, but it tended to shed a lot of fibers. The good news is, the shedding seems to be over once you knit it; I didn't notice the blanket itself shedding.

It is a nice heavy and soft yarn. Not the easiest wash for a baby project (hand wash suggested) but hopefully washing in cold will be enough.

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