Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grooming Day

This is our 3rd weekend together and it was a full one for Rusty. Yesterday I had to meet up with large group of people and dogs and Rusty came along. That is a lot of car time, people, dogs and chaos for him to experience. All things considered, he did surprisingly well. He showed some dog attitude against a large male Shepherd of all things. I think it was a full day for him - I never heard a peep out of him on the drive home.

Today it finally stopped raining so I decided to try nail-clipping and bathing. He kept trying to take the clippers from me (like they were a toy), and I didn't really bring the nails back as far as I would have liked, but he got a treat per nail and he let me clip all of them.

He wasn't as knocked out with the shower. It is actually pretty hard on geriatric dogs to endure a bathing and he was pretty weak after it. He got some towel time which made his day since I have been trying to clamp down on his need to drag my laundry around the house.

I needed him to settle down and dry so I brought out the secret weapon I have been keeping for him since he first came to live with me - the bully stick.

He was so quiet and engrossed in his chewing that Emile forgot he was out of the kennel. Emile attempting to backup...


  1. Kitty in reverse, that was funny. Poor Emile.

  2. Yes, it kinda looks like a dance! :)

    Looks like Rusty is settling in :)

  3. There is a sense of permanence with Rusty staying there.