Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Block I Can Live With

I wish I was more of a natural block designer but practice, practice, practice...right? Anyway, you don't want to know how many different versions I went through before deciding the Friendship-Star block is probably going to work. I have a mess of larger triangles but I will deal with them in the future layout.

I have actually lasted in my office/sewing area much longer than I thought I would today. It is really hot up here right now.

I finished "Defending Jacob" in my book club of one. :) My high-brow Stephanie Plum consumption may be bumped for awhile as I wouldn't mind reading some of the other books by this author (not to mention my overall reading backlog right now).

This book definitely has you living through the family agony side of the accused/defendant. I wouldn't even say I necessarily loved and supported the narrator, but he had quite a voice and definitely draws you in.

I just got "Your Dog Is Your Mirror" from the library in part because of a chapter the author specifically writes on dobermans: "The Late, Great Doberman Pinscher." The more I work with the breed the more I am passionately drawn to some of what has happened to create their current "challenges" for working. I am looking forward to getting into this book.

I liked the opening quote to "Your Dog Is Your Mirror" so much that I found a version of it online:

"I have noticed in my life that all men have a liking for some special animal, tree, plant or spot of earth. If men would pay more attention of these preferences and seek what is best to do in order to make themselves worthy of that toward which they are attracted, they might have dreams which would purify their lives. Let a man decided upon his favorite animal and make a study of it, to learn it's innocent ways. Let him learn to understand it's sounds and motions. The animals want to communicate with man, but Wakan-Tanka does not intend they shall do so directly - man must do the greater part in securing an understanding."

- Brave Buffalo (late 19th century) Teton Sioux Medicine Man

At the K9 Nose Work trial there was a judge who talked about dogs being in so many ways a superior animal and how we are constantly bringing them down to our level. I am greatly paraphrasing here, but I have been thinking about what said said quite a bit. In a way I find this quote says roughly the same thing.

Have a great night. It is going to be a hot one for us. 


  1. Those are tough fabrics to work with, but I think your final block looks good. Your next book sounds interesting. Can't wait to hear what you think when you are done. Stay cool.


    1. They are ridiculously busy fabrics. :) I even did a search on "quilt patterns for busy fabric"...and didn't have much luck.

      I am definitely sucked into this latest book. Poor Nim, he came into my life during one of my most challenging times. No wonder he is such a monster. :)

  2. That block is better than I ever could do!! It's hot here too!! Try to stay cool!

    1. Have a great Friday! And thanks on the block. :)