Monday, August 6, 2012


I can't believe I am 6 days into August already and just getting a post done.

I wish I could say I have been ultra-productive but really I have a little bit too much going on, almost to the "wheel-spinning" level.

Despite my complete annoyance with the rabbit situation around me this little guy lives out my bedroom window and I kind of love him. Turns out Rusty was right, there was a family back in the hole he would spend time trying to charge into.

Last week we had a lot of heavy clouded in AMs followed by clearing and warming in the afternoon. This is a hike I used to do all the time but hadn't done with Nim yet in part because of the terrain on his growing body. Neither Nim or my ankle loved the cobble but the loop went well.

Ugh. Nim's crazy eyes - I am sure something was chirping - anyway, this photo is to show how narrow the trail is. It is one of the many "unofficial or primitive" trails that are all over Mount Si.

This weekend ended up being hot!

By this area of WA standards, getting upper 80s and 90s is hot. Remember this is an area in which home air conditioning is not standard so little hot snaps like this don't always bring out the best in people.

Or Emile...

Meanwhile Leela seemed the least phased by the heat but it was a rough weekend for her obsessive need for touching...especially Nim. He was too uncomfortable.

The photo below made me laugh because it looks like she giving him a rear-massage. She is not. It is just the angle of the photo. In Leela's universe it is just her and her doberman.

Eventually she went and sulked on the slate. The only one smart enough to lay there (coolest surface in the house).

Nim woke up this morning fantastically grouchy.

Much of his night looked like this:

...trying to stay cool.

I can tell our relationship has come along way because I actually feel sorry for him today and I am trying to make his day better.


  1. I hate that it has been hot there for you guys!! We are finally out of our 100 degree weather and I'm so grateful!!

    1. You would probably like our weather. Every few years or so we will have a 100 degree stint. It is hard on us.

      But thank you. I dread winter so much right now that I don't much want to complain about any warm weather, but this really was too warm. Hard on the productivity.

  2. Wow, that trail is VERY narrow. The heat has been draining me the past few days out and about in Maine and sadly the air conditioning in the hotel doesn't seem to work very well! Hope you and the animals find a way to stay cool!

    1. Yes, it is one of those tracks in the side of a hill type of trails. I am sure there is about 10 of us that even use it. :)

      Last year I did really poorly in the winter so I am trying not to complain, but the weekend was draining for sure.

      I would guess that Marine is even more hot! It is hard to sleep if you are sweating too much in my opinion and then that sets the tone for the following day.

  3. that fourth last photo ia awesome, Nim just looks so sulky. I love how expressive dog faces can be - even cats if you look hard enough

    1. Nim is REALLY good at the faces. If you look really closely you can probably see the cat hair on his muzzle too. She had just completely her nightly lovey ritual and was settling in to snuggle. He was a total grouch about it.

      Leela uses her ears more, but Emile does use his eyes. He is a very emotional cat. :)

    2. nightly lovey ritual, too cute

  4. Wonderful photos! Too bad it's so hot, like here, too! Fortunately we have AC and it's working too many hours a day. Dogs like to go out but return in few minutes. Nim is so beautiful and I love to see how he's good friend with you cat!

    1. Thank you! Nim and Leela are pals...although Leela's love is stronger I think.

      I think you guys are getting the even hotter weather!