Monday, August 27, 2012


Good morning. I hope everyone is off to a good start for a productive week.

Saturday was Daisy's day! We followed Daisy to Sequim for her Nose Work Odor Recognition Test (ORT).

We were in separate cars (Nim + 2 senior Dalmatians in one car is a guarantee for some sort of disaster and as far as I am concerned the seniors always get priority). This time I was at the front of the ferry (Seattle to Bainbridge).

Nim had some fabulous people watching this time with all the ferry workers getting things set at the front of the boat. Also went we went to leave he had the bikers on his side (they unload first) which he also greatly enjoyed.

Much of Sequim kind of looks like this.

While Cindy went up to register Nim got silly in the cut grass that was dry and crackly like hay.

They he got under the car cover to check in on Daisy (barking) and Jackson (black ears and black around the eyes).

Finally it was Daisy's turn!

Working the prep boxes before we went in:

Daisy was a trooper to put up with the heat, the humans, and the riff raff. :) After her ORT we headed to Railroad Bridge Park which was a part of Sequim I haven't been to before (and dog friendly!).

Cindy got a photo of me taking the above photo of Nim.

She also got a photo of him contemplating his life with his long line in his mouth. I rarely put those photos on the blog because I take it as somewhat of a personal failure as a dog trainer. But it is the one line he is allowed to carry and the reality is he is more calm with the darn thing in his mouth.

What is even more surprising (with only the occasional exception) is that most people think it is ridiculously cute. It is a good lesson for me since I don't. :)

We attempted to get all three dogs together and looking in one direction. This is as close as we got:

Ha! It is fitting it would be Jackson and Nim together however because they totally like each other. Daisy on the other hand Nim can totally read to give her some distance.

I love this photo of Daisy and Jackson together (Cindy is photographing them straight on).

In the end, the seniors absolutely wore Nim out. :)

I pretty much didn't hear a peep out of him from Sequim to the ferry (unlike the drive to Sequim in which he didn't shut up the entire hour and half from the ferry dock to the ORT).

Heading over Hood Canal on the way home:

Agate Pass:

It was a great trip and got some of the wandering out of me hopefully so I can stay on task this week. Have a great Monday!


  1. So did Daisy pass her test? Maybe Nim needs to have a stuffy to carry around in his mouth. I have known a few lab types and pitties that like to do that.

    I love how you called my broken needles "dead soldiers". At the time I was angrily throwing them in the trash and later decided to fish them out to see how many there had been. After all isn't that what every good blogger does?


    1. Morning! Unfortunately she didn't, but you know, when it comes to our beloved dogs I consider them faultless (and the beautiful thing is they always have a good time)...I like to blame the human. :)

      Nim will only occasionally carry his Skineez (I don't know if you have seen this toy - no stuffing) but he really prefers that line. I remember being really surprised when I did that hike on Whidbey because he carried the skineez for quite awhile.

      It is TOTALLY what a good blogger does. :) Especially with so many of us that can relate.

    2. I just re-read my reply and laughed. And no, I don't mean Daisy's human is to blame. Dog shows, tests, etc. are funny environments and I do think we bring a strange element to them. Of course if we weren't there would a dog elect to take a test at all? Nope. :)

  2. I love the "passed out Nim" photo...they're clearly having such a good time and that kind of sleep feels like a reward for getting a reward.

    1. Dogs are good at finding the reward in everything. :)

  3. Those dogs are so pretty!! Nim was pooped out... how precious!

    1. He was exhausted. :) I think it even went into the second day. It still takes so little for him.