Sunday, December 16, 2012

Countdown to Solstice

The summer solstice can come and go and I barely notice, however I am always waiting for the winter solstice (December 21st this year).

Somehow just thinking I made it past the shortest day of the year means that long days and better weather is just around the corner. Of course around here that isn't the case. Not for months...

First "snow" yesterday (just for Dobermom in Florida.

I thought it wasn't coming until later in the week, but the Snoqualmie Pass area is on its own timeline. I was stuck in the house writing anyway so I didn't mind watching it fall.

This is our latest Rally Video for the last class of 2012. It is a long course (not regulation) because it has all the novice signs (and yes, I screwed some of them up) so it might be too long to watch. If you do watch all of it you will see a point in which he runs out of the ring and starts investigating a platform...there was ground goat there earlier and he is not one to forget a delicacy like that. Sigh.

The handlers out there will notice I do about 6 signs, and then start-over off-leash. Can you see how much better my handling and his response is? We move much more fluid together off leash.

Curse my leash handling! We will get there. I have decided I need goals for 2013 and Nim's Rally Obedience Novice Title is one of them.

Have a gentle Sunday.


  1. i cannot WAIT til we get past the shortest day of the year...on december 21st, i will be singing the hallelujah chorus in celebration!
    we are lucky to be snow-free, currently (although it looks pretty in your photos, there!).

    1. I just looked up Dean Karnazes. I probably will read his book. I have never even run a marathon and rarely feel the draw to do so, however I have a total draw to ultramarathons for some reason. Another friend of mine is the same way, although I think she at least as run a 1/2 marathon.

      You and me both on the shortest day of the year. I have to celebrate something in the darkness.

  2. I love the snow pictures! They are so pretty and refreshing to look at! Thank you very much! P.S. I'll take all that you feel like posting too. :)

    You and Nim looked awesome together in the video! I don't know how you do it. Do you have to follow the steps or do you make them up as you go, because if you have to follow them I have NO clue how you remember all of that!

    1. It will be interesting to see what this winter is like. Some winters are just constant snow and some are more cold rain.

      Each sign has an instruction. I have learned all the signs pretty well so I can just glance at them and know what is required. On a regulation course I can at least partially memorize during the walk-through or with the course map. You want to learn the signs as well as you can so you aren't thinking too much to execute them (the handling takes enough brain power, especially when nervous).

  3. I also love it when we pass the shortest day of the year. I hope the world doesn't come to an end this year so we can start enjoying the longer days ;-)

    Good luck with the Rally obedience. I think you two look great in that video even with the few times Nim gets distracted.


    1. I am pretty sure we are safe...I have to find a job still after all. :)

      Thanks! We love doing it. I just really want to be able to bring practice performance to the show ring. You get so nervous!