Monday, December 31, 2012

Quilt Planning - New Year's Eve

First things first - New Year's Eve folks! I may even put up some New Year Goals tomorrow. :)

We trained yesterday. I got nice and cold...cold like a hot shower barely fixes it cold. But at least Nim was worn out and I could spend hours working on 2013 New Year's Day Mystery Quilt planning!

I really want to go scrappy. Thankfully this quilt is going to be a bit smaller than last year.

This was my final color selection last night (after many). From left to right:

Very Dark - Medium Dark Warm - Light Neutral or Very Hot - Medium Warm - Lighter Warm or Neutral - Light Cool.

My Medium Dark Warm row is not exactly "warm." I may revisit that row today and see what I have in the dark warms.

The lime green in the Hot is kind of a wild card. I just happen to like it. I haven't done any cutting yet so I am not sure if it will make final incorporation or not.

I woke up this morning and my carefully laid out fabric rows were scattered.


Today I will be cutting fabric, writing some New Year goals, and making lucky New Year's dish: Black Eyed Peas with Tomato and Greens. Now considering I did this exact same dish to start of 2012 which has been hands down one of the hardest years of my adult life arguably it is not a lucky dish for least I love black-eyed peas. 

I may need to bake emergency cookies for a day of sewing as well. 

I hope to read about how others are getting ready for the New Year!


  1. I don't know if I would ever try a mystery quilt. I like to know what I'm doing before I start. Emile looks totally innocent to me. I can't believe he would have fun playing with your fabrics.

    Let's hope the black eyed pea meal brings you Nim and the kitties more luck for 2013 than it did for 2012.

    Have a Happy New Year.

    Cindy & Millie

    1. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed last year's mystery quilt. I really enjoyed following what other people were doing. I personally won't buy new fabric for them which helps. So far I have a big enough stash it works well. Last year I made a gamble with a fabric that I had an attachment too but I really liked the result.

      Thank you! It has just been a hard year, but there has also been some great growth in there and that is always good.

      And yes, Emile always looks innocent...or like he is suffering.

  2. Nim does look a little worn out. What a cutie!

    May I ask, what do you do with your quilts, like this Mystery Quilt, when you are finished with them?
    Emile is saying "Not me", with a little annoyed look there.

    You can always say your black eye peas helped you make it through 2012, and now you know you can get through anything. :)

    Emergency cookies, lol. I still have cookies from what my mom gave me. They're slowly going down.

    1. A fair amount of the quilts I have made since I started quilting have been donated, and this Mystery Quilt will probably be donated in the end. We will see. I used to be more active in a charity sewing group, but I still have donation outlets.

      Sometimes I get an inspiration when I am working on it and I know someone perfect for the quilt, sometimes I am making a quilt with someone in mind.

      Emile was annoyed because it was long past bed-time and the fabric stash was taking over the bed. I think he likes to get up around 4am well rested and check out what he can destroy.

      Black eye peas are the best. And yes, I just keep remembering I am nice and strong. :)

      You must have the cookie self-control of a saint...or she gave you A LOT of cookies.

    2. If you knew my mom, she made a lot of cookies. Although I have taken a small break to eat other cookies people have brought over.

      If you ever consider wanting to make a quilt to sell, those dark warm colors pop out at me for my sister for next years Christmas present, just let me know.

    3. Sounds good! We will have to see how this quilt comes out in the end and if you think it would be a good fit for her. :) Sam

    4. Will do, and if it's not I'll keep my eye open on future ones you do :)

    5. Sounds good Linda! I am glad to have a first name on you now. :) For the longest time I didn't really put my name out there either but as you start to form online friends it is just nice.

  3. Happy almost new year! I love your quilt planning...I can't wait to see what kind of quilt will come out of it (I don't have your "vision").

    1. LOL. I don't even have a "vision" yet...but I always have a lot of fun trying. :)

  4. i hope you DO put up some new year's goals, samantha! i love reading others' aspirations and plans!
    ooo, have fun with your quilt project! i love that row of colours under the lime green! as you know, i fully agree with having a creative craft-ing project!
    happy new year's eve!

    1. There are posted. :) I agree, part of the reason I did them this year is that I have really enjoyed watching other people progress on their own during the year.