Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Toys

My mom sent over a bag for me yesterday that I wasn't going to go through until the holiday. Leela got into it anyway...

It has a bell. They played with it all night long. All. Night. Long.

Nim sported his Christmas bandana at training this morning and got a new fluffy.

We also saw some chickens while training this morning. To me, chickens are kind of like dogs. For some reason they seem to like to run the fence line of their coop when something is on the other side of the fence. This is exciting stuff for Nim. The person with me had never heard Nim's "yell" for birds. It is embarrassing and anyone still asleep on a quiet Sunday morning probably wasn't after that.

It is only 2:40pm and it is getting dark out here. I think we have more rain coming too. Have a gentle Sunday.


  1. You've got to get the Nim yell on video. He sure looks cute with his festive bandana holding his new stuffie. Have a Merry Christmas and I hope the cats let you sleep tonight.


    1. It is SUCH a bad yell. It is very "feral" for lack of a better term. He just goes into overdrive. :) I am sure some day it will happen.

      He is chatty in general on a hike about the birds - kind of a high pitched whine.

      I know, they were cute though and I couldn't sleep anyway. :)

  2. Awww, Leela got a new toy, with a noisy bell. Cut it off if it keeps you up all at night. Or hide the toy at night. I would, but then again I can be a mean mommy.

    Nim looks so cute with his little stuffy and his bandana on! Does he de-stuff? I can only imagine what he sounds like when he sees a bird.

    I can't believe it's getting dark already! That would mean earlier for bed for me then.

    Hope you have a good rest of the day, and a wonderful Christmas!

    1. The bell was actually in the toy. :) Fortunately I am such a crap sleeper right now anyway I found it sound of funny.

      He did de-stuff this one. I used to have to worry about that more when he was younger. I don't get him much fully stuffed toys anymore.

      It does make me go to bed early I admit.

      Have a wonderful Christmas to you too.

  3. Oh they're so adorable! I love that they love the toys! I just got my kitty an interactive toy (wand with fuzzy cord)...I need to play with him more (he needs to lose some weight, and I need to spend more play time with him anyway!)
    Merry Christmas.

    1. Ha! The vet told me I needed to work Emile out too. :) Merry Christmas.